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"What Really Happened To The Band Of '59"

I Write The Songs
Bette Davis Eyes
Super Freak
Star Wars
Whip It
Ebony & Ivory
You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
The Rose
Just What I Needed
Hotel California
Eye Of The Tiger

Man, I love this album! Oh, how it pains me to think I didn't get this album until late 1998 on vinyl. The mp3 conversion of what I assume

are the original masters sound brilliant!

Big Daddy is a concept band that recorded under the guise of being an authentic 1950's era 'doo-wop' band that was captured on a

U.S.O. tour in southeast Asia in the late 1950's. After being rescued, they decided to cut some more contemporary songs but only knew the musical stylings of the pre-British Invasion 50's. Or, to use the words of band member Marty Kaniger, "We made old versions of new songs." The results are perhaps a precursor to the modern 'mash-up',

where two songs seem to exist in the same pace. Wow!

Official Big Daddy Website ... @BigDaddy 2017
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