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POSTED BY: Bill Plympton

New Projects Update

As I said in previous installments of "Scribble Junkies", I'm working on a lot of new projects, even though my studio is closed, I've continued to animate. This week, I'll give you some more information on two projects - of course. while I'm doing these I'm also creating "Slide", my western musical feature, the film about Whoopie Goldberg's life and career, and there's a new couch gag for "The Simpsons" on the horizon.

But first up is what they call a "sizzle reel" for this wonderful 1950's mash-up band called "Big Daddy". The sizzle reel will be used to promote the production of their proposed feature film idea, which is called "Big Daddy". It's a wacky musical adventure featuring aliens, Buddy Holy, and as you might imagine, a bit of time travel. It's a very funny script and I can't wait to get these characters on my drawing board. If you saw my wonderful 1950's-set animated feature "Hair High" then you'll know how much I love drawing that classic era of Americana - the cars, the hair, the fashion...It's so much fun!

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"Smashing Songs of Stage & Screen

Smahing their way through Broadway classics such as: "OVER THE RAINBOW", "SUMMERTIME",

"MUSIC OF THE NIGHT", "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" and more! A must add to your record collection!

Hey Cats & Kittens! If you want the latest Big Daddy news...get yourself on the mailer right now!

Sgt. Peppers 'Live CONCERT!

Big Daddy mashes up and takes you back to the

1950's with the classic Beatles LP "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band". The Dads performed at the legendary "AT MY PLACE" club in Santa Monica, back in 1991. Check it out!

We think you'll dig it!

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Official Big Daddy Website ...@BigDaddy2017

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